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How We Can Help You

If you’ve reached this page, there’s a chance that selling your house has crossed your mind. We’re interested in buying your house no matter the condition and we will close the transaction quickly. We love buying nice homes in nice areas, but we also work through liens, violations, and other legal problems that can be attached to a property.

You have options!

As a real estate investment firm, we know our success is directly related to our ability to offer solid options to our sellers. This includes having creative solutions in place that allow us to find mutual benefit, no matter the situation.

We love buying houses that are in great condition, but we’re not scared to get our hands dirty either.

If you have a property that you want to sell, then you have a property that we probably want to buy. Please let us know about it as soon as possible. Give us a call (720-306-1004) or use the Form at the bottom of this page.

Ways we can help!

No Equity Or Over Financed

Needing to get out of a home with little to no equity can be hard. If you list with an agent, the commissions, fees and closing costs will likely have to come out of your pocket. So it could cost you money out of your pocket to sell your home. Sell your home to us without commissions, fees or closing costs.

Two House Payments

If your old house didn’t sell as quickly as you closed on your new house, you’re stuck with two payments. We can relieve this stress and buy your old house, leaving you with one payment.

Expired Listing

If you tried selling your home with an agent and it didn’t work out as planned, give us a try before relisting with another agent. With us, you’ll get to avoid the inconvenience of showing your home and dealing with buyers and their agents.

Unsuccessful For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Beleive it or not, nearly 85% of for sale by owner properties don’t sell. Avoid or stop the frustration of getting hundreds of phone calls from agents looking to list your property and investors sending you low ball offers.

Tired of being a Landlord

Not everyone is cut out for tenants, toilets and trash. But we are!

Urgent need to move

Whether your family is growing, you need to relocate for work, or any other reason, we’ll buy your home quickly, so you can move with your life.

Potential Foreclosure

We can stop bank proceedings with a fast transaction, alleviating that stress and weight on your shoulders.

Vacant property

We are happy to help with properties that have become run-down due to neglect or other circumstances.

Downsizing or upgrading

A house you purchased 10 years ago may not be the house for your current situation.

Repairs needed

We’ll purchase your home as is, no need to spend time, money and energy preparing your home for a sale.


We move swiftly to help alleviate your stressful situation.

Probate/unwanted inheritance

We can buy your property quickly, for cash, freeing you from the responsibility of a property you don’t want to maintain longterm.

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